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I have been training with Brian for close to five years now, and I read this article in the paper about Brian and decided to give sessions with him to my husband for his birthday. The article mentioned that he was knowledgeable about the needs of older people and post surgical patients. My husband was in his seventies and going through chemotherapy at the time. After a few sessions, my husband was so happy with his results, he convinced me to start working out with Brian. I have osteoarthritis, and three bad vertebrae. I was having a lot of pain and problems with my back. After a few weeks of working out, I felt so much better. A simple movement would have put me to bed for two day!
Lis Dymond
​Owner Dymond Graphics

Brian Clark Stone is a star who shines bright.  He's blessed with special gifts that he shares with others to help them with improving their lives. Brian leverages his life circumstances and experiences to inspire others with removing any real and/or imagined obstacles to achieve their goals.

I'm proud that Brian Clark Stone uses his unique life story to motivate and assist others to take the "First Step" towards achieving their fitness, health,and other goals. 

Greg Hansen

​GQG Consulting 

Brian is very humble open and honest and that goes far for making others feel welcome and cared about and mutually encouraged in life. He has a very strong spirit that will not stop till he gets what he wants. Very able and willing to succeed!

Brett Gold

9th Degree Black Belt / Chuck Norris Black Belt


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   Brian C. Stone
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1st Degree Black Belt
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​​My In-Home Personal Training programs provide all the necessary tools you will need to get in the best shape of your life.
During your in-home initial complimentary fitness consultation I will sit down with you and find out exactly what you are looking to achieve. We will then locate an appropriate space to complete your in-home workouts.

I am able to design workouts to be completed in living rooms, spare bedrooms, basements, outdoor decks, and almost any other space in your home. If you can lie down on the floor and outstretch your arms you have more than enough room to complete your in home personal training session.

After sitting down with you and discussing exactly what you are looking for, I can then recommend the best in home exercise equipment choices for your needs. I offer an exclusive package, consisting of everything you will need for our workouts and your new lifestyle.  

Lift weights with the freedom of not being judged by others... And from the comfort of your own home.