Brian's story is one about the transformational power of fitness, to achieve better health and wellness. It’s also a story of overcoming life’s challenges to reach goals by adopting a winning attitude. Now as a motivational speaker, Brian shares his life’s journey to inspire others to commit to big goals and overcome hurdles to reach them. His practical advice—based on personal lessons learned, his work as a fitness trainer and his athletic achievements—equips audiences with action items to help them become the best they can be in all areas of their lives.r paragraph here.

​Brian Stone is a Certified Fitness Trainer and Cancer Exercise Coach. Born with Arthrogryposis in all major joints, he has endured 16 surgeries and six broken bones. Brian did not let physical limitations stop him from becoming a top personal fitness trainer or attaining a 1st Degree Black Belt in Non-Classical Gung Fu. In 2009, Brian was inducted into the Masters Black Belt Hall of Fame. He also has achieved entrepreneurial success having owned and operated three training studios in the Portland area.

In-home traininG

I understand how important it is that health and fitness remain comfortable and convenient. Struggling to get to the gym or rushing to meet someone else’s workout schedule isn’t convenient or comfortable. At First~Step Fitness, I come right to your home. Plus, I make it easy to schedule home personal training sessions for when you’re available.

Benefits Of Training With Brian at Home...

No more worrying about getting stuck in traffic, no more early morning or late night commuting in the rain, snow or having to rush back to a business meeting or home to eat dinner with family or friends.

In-Home Personal Training offers you all the benefits of working out at your gym without feeling like you have an audience watching your every move.


It’s pretty easy to talk yourself out of a trip to the gym. But when the trainer shows up at your door, there are no excuses.

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