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"Brian Stone's remarkable dedication to others, discipline to task, drive to excel and desire to succeed are gifts that he willingly shares with others. Brian knows first hand how to overcome any obstacle and has the innate ability to lead others to be the best, whatever the task may be. Brian would be an asset to anyone and I would highly recommend him to others."
Micheal F. Sable "The Zipper"
Mr. America, Mr. World & Mr. Universe

"I have known Brian for over 38 years; he is a very special individual. He has a great caring ability and a very strong desire to succeed in whatever he gets involved in. The world is a better place because of people like Brian" 

Master LaCombe
9th Degree Black Belt - Lacombe Karate, Inc.

I have been training with Brian for close to five years now, and I read this article in the paper about Brian and decided to give sessions with him to my husband for his birthday. The article mentioned that he was knowledgeable about the needs of older people and post surgical patients. My husband was in his seventies and going through chemotherapy at the time. After a few sessions, my husband was so happy with his results, he convinced me to start working out with Brian. I have osteoarthritis, and three bad vertebrae. I was having a lot of pain and problems with my back. After a few weeks of working out, I felt so much better. A simple movement would have put me to bed for two day!

Lis Dymond

​Owner Dymond Graphics